Bala Mohammed: A timely messiah, By Usman Abdullahi Koli

Gov. Bala Muhammad

Like the biblical Messiah, a liberator and a saviour, Bala Mohammed came to power when almost everything in every sector was nosedived. When there was little or no education for children, accessible health care services and mistrust in political office holders. People of Bauchi State were yearning for a messiah to liberate them from the rot that was exacerbated by the cluelessness of the successive governments. 

Looking at the election that brought the Governor in, is an allusion to that of a messiah. The situation was worse to the extent that some citizens of the state were feeling ashamed of being from Bauchi. Gombe was carved out of the area but sprouted out over Bauchi in development. 

Ostensibly, Bala’s victory was burned out of the state which made some of the allies of the past Governor teamed up with him.  

Going by his achievements, New Bauchi state is the center of peace, development, unity and tourism.Whenever you hear the word “new” it signifies that something different or change, something bizarre, a reform; it means metamorphosing something in bad shape into being an upright.  

As a true Bauchi son who loves to see achievements springing up in thousands, Mohammed has done wonderfully well in infrastructural development, education, health, security and lots more. Kaura on assumption of office, had a meeting with all stakeholders across party lines, traditional and religious leaders to join hands and make Bauchi a better state. 

It’s on record the governor is one of the most workaholic amongst his counterparts, because since he assumed office as the Executive Governor of the state, the state turned out to be the best in the whole country as it steals the limelight. 

Achievements recorded under the phase of leadership of Kaura cannot be overemphasized. In line with that, he is the only governor in the history of Bauchi that always listens to advice, suggestions, constructive criticisms and he takes all to his advantage –to reason with and apply constructive ones where necessary. 

Education The government has so far spent over N8billion on this sector. One of the most commendable efforts done to this sector recently is intervening and allowing the state owned Polytechnic to be back to classes amidst their strike. Also, he paid for the UTME, NECO and WAEC fees for 3,810 students who got grades ‘A’ and ‘B’ in the recently concluded SSCE aptitude Test in the State. 

The governor also approved payment of NABTEB exams fees for all the 1,751 SS3 students of Government Technical Colleges along with all the 499 students sitting for NBAIS exams for Government Arabic Colleges. The state government does not owe any of the national examination bodies a kobo.  

Health The Government and Development Partners have resolved to fast-track polio immunisation in the state to reduce the proportion of missed children during such exercises. As part of efforts to sustain a polio-free status in Bauchi State, the State Primary Health Care Development Agency (BASPHCDA) has flagged off a door-to-door vaccination campaign against polio virus in the state. Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed has directed the conduct of comprehensive sanitation exercises across the 20 local government areas of the state in compliance with the national clean Nigeria campaign; ‘Use the Toilets’ aimed at delivering open defecation-free Nigeria by 2025. The Governor has vowed to end yellow fever in the state. About 600 residents in Duguri district of Alkaleri Local Government were vaccinated following the outbreak of yellow fever in the area.  

Agriculture On agricultural development, it has produced over 4,000 metric tons of fertilizer. The government has sponsored 1000 students to go for a-2-week course programme in Abuja, only to have a better sound knowledge on farming and compete with others in other parts of the country on modern agriculture and productivity. About 5000 farmers got two bags of fertilizer each at the commencement of the planting season. 

Local government electionSince the returns to democratic dispensation, Kaura is one of the best democratic leaders who vowed to keep his promises. On this note he ensured that LGAs in Bauchi were given autonomy and allowed the LG elections to be held against all odds.

Security To safeguard and protect the lives and properties of the masses, the governor has distributed 50 vehicles to all military and paramilitary agencies in the state providing the local ones with all that’s required to carry out their activities.

Under Bala’s administration, roads linkages are what boost economic status of every society for it allows those in far and near to do businesses together, as it is now the present administration have constructed roads across the state capital and some LGAs, amounting to 300 kilometres, while flagging off more than 50 and still executing same projects in and outside the state. 

The government has renovated over 100 schools in the state to put a smile on the faces of people battling with a poor academic environment in some communities. Again, construction of over 50 primary and secondary schools in the state. This was out of Governor Bala’s passion for education in order to have a better tomorrow to ensure that the future generations are grown with proper upbringing and cognitive ability. 

During the CoronaVirus pandemic, the state government distributed over 85000 face masks in line with Covid-19 procurement guidelines to ensure that the masses are safe from the danger of the virus.  The Governor set up committees among which are, committee on land dispute, committee on deforestation and committee on Covid-19 amongst others. These all are testament to his exemplary leadership qualities. 

To prove his concern for health, the governor paid a visit to all the 27 general hospitals across the state to distribute medical appliances to ensure effective and sound working system of the management of the hospitals. 

On the other hand, his respect for traditional leaders is extraordinary. One cannot achieve this without a security expertise, as Bauchi is now one of the most peaceful places to live in the country. When Kaura became the governor, he said all security agencies in Bauchi are his working partners, he provides them with necessary support. Still on the achievement, religious leaders are partners in progress. Both angles are given consideration and treated equally.

When it comes to youth inclusion, one third of his appointments are dominated by youths. All these achievements were recorded in two years. Imagine what would Bauchi become if this man finished his tenure and went for the second time. 

Basically, this gentle man knows how to change narrative and contain problems within a short period of time. It could be recalled what happened in Misau LGA between farmers and herders on land dispute, the governor consequently set up a committee which went round all land boundaries across the state, believe me, Issue of such kind will never occur again, because the man in charge is proactive and he sees with his mind not eyes. 

The Present administration of Governor Bala Mohammed is the only government with responsiveness and attentiveness, all his decisions are in favor of his people. Recently, he has done something extraordinary, after the cancelation of Durbar Sallah ceremony by the Emirate Council, the Governor urged them to reconsider the decision and allow it happened . This is not the first time something like this happened, as a governor who has every power to do and undo in his state, Kaura never make decision without consulting all stakeholders– even those in opposition because he believes that a leader who does not consult or take advice is not a good leader.

During the Covid-19 wide spread the state government imposed a lockdown when people and stakeholders shows dismay about the decision, the governor reconsider the decision. In the history of Bauchi, no any governor has done that before to make decision and later realized people’s ordeal and change it. 

Whenever there’s party difference between state legislative and executive, political propagandas and accusations are what manned the affairs of both. But Kaura’s party the PDP despite being the minority in the state assembly, as the executive arm have been working round the clock to see the state become better keeping aside any political brouhaha. Another extraordinary record done by this gentle man, He welcomes them with open hand and embraces them, seeks advice from them, respects them as law makers without any hindrance or causing any issue.

Projects done includes Maraban Ganye— Gwalpada road, renovated general hospital Toro, renovated primary health centers, Rimin Zayan electrification and renovation of district head of Nabardo. Buzaye reservoir, which links to Gubi Dam expansion, Warinje Reservoir, road construction from Malam Goje to Bakin and Muda Lawal Market road. 

Renovation of about 204 health centres, among which 192 primary health care centers and 12 general hospitals.Other roads projects includes central market to Yakubu Wanka, Karofin madaki to Railway, Prison Shagari to Railway and Bata to Unguwan Jaki.  

Distribution of about 1,000 units of keke NAPEP and 154 units of commercial motor vehicles. Bauchi state government has renovated and constructed school with N350m, plans to construct 12 others. 

I believe Governor Bala will take Bauchi to a greater height as I wish him Allah’s guidance and protection. 

Usman Abdullahi Koli, a student of Mass Communication Department, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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