An Open Letter To NDLEA Boss

Buba Marwa

I write to bring to your notice and to equally draw your attention towards the sad reality of some pharmaceutical vendors who are illegally running their business in all regions of the country. This awful encounter cripples, beyond imagining, my mind for almost five consecutive years.

Sir, there are some medicine vendors who are merchandising sedative drugs to drug abusers in their respective shops, surreptitiously. And, the major root causes of some annoying situation of this country is a menace of drug abuse ranging from kidnapping, banditry and many other negative activities.

As such, the NDLEA management should in a matter of urgency collaborate with health practitioners for organising campaign awareness to those who have unintentionally gone into this detestable behavior as a result of which many of our youths are being misused in provoking chaos and uneasiness to this country.

However, these medicine complex should be thoroughly convened each and every months in order to cautiously monitor their operational methods, by setting up a monitoring committee under the sector across all states and local governments areas of the federation to those medicine stores.

Many sad events engulfed in some countries, drug abuse is one of the largish contributive to these pugnacious scenes. In view of this, these drugs ships owners shouldn’t be freely allowed to continue doing their illegalities.

Sadly and surprisingly, those illicit drug dealers are seemingly enjoying the undue advantage of giving kickback/return to NDLEA and other security personnel for them to have continued bypassing their illegal actions. This is very worrisome, as security personnel who was assigned to safeguard and protect Nigerians from any ilks of bad acts that can lead them to ruin their future, Alas! They are at the forefront of adding flame to Nigerians problems.

This menace of drug abuse today in Nigeria has taken multi dimensional approaches which all hands must be put on deck to address the evil effect of it. All Nigerians both security personnel and the opposite ones must contribute in the fight against drug abuse.

However, majority of those who are duly engaged into it are the victims of joblessness. As such, you have to at least, admonish the government to open various government employment portals for the teaming youths in order to scrabble this bad acts.

Furthermore, government at all levels especially governors, senators and reps should pay much emphasis on skills acquisitions training schemes in their respective states and constituencies. By so doing, those victims of drug abuse would always remain busy and far away distracted from heinous acts.

In a nutshell, I would like to appreciate your timid and incalculable efforts in the fight against drug abuse in our country and to encourage you to redouble your exertion in this noble tasks.

Mallam Musbahu Magayaki Writes from Sabon Fegi, Azare.07066416458


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