Comrade Sanda Ibrahim: In praise of a true BMB loyalist


By Bamanga Bello Kakara

Since inception of the Dr. Bala M. Bello (BMB) 2023 movement several people have contributed and still are contributing immensely in one way or the other. One of these outstanding contributors is Comrade Sanda Ibrahirn, an indigene of Sardauna and current Director mobilization and awareness of the BMB movement in Kakara.

Also known as Bunki Star, Comrade Sanda Ibrahim is a staunch loyalist and a believer in a better and prosperous Taraba under our Principal Dr. Bala M. Bello. This is evident in his relentless but well coordinated outreach efforts to communities and triumphantly winning more supporters for the BMB 2023 project.

Comrade is truly humble and kindhearted human being whose great sense of communication, community and social mobilization instantly became huge plusses for the entire BMB family. I could remember how he used his precious time and hard-earned resources to personally reached out to several communities in Sardauna local government to support Dr. BMB’s blueprint for Taraba state come 2023.

We are delighted and grateful to Allah (s.w.t) who made it possible for us to have in our team a truly wonderful and committed youth  leader, lover of democracy and good governance. People like Comrade Sanda Ibrahirn goes beyond personal interest to a standpoint that takes everyone’s interests into account. That’s why we at the BMB are proud to have people like Comrade leading the charge for the new Taraba of our dream.

Comrade is an inspiration to many youths of Sardauna local government, and by extension the state in general. He has successfully established a strong bond of connection between young people and Dr. Bala M. Bello, and which is hitherto evolving in an acknowledgeable fashion.
I personally have been struggling to find the right adjective to make a proper description of how much his direct involvements add value and meaning to the BMB 2023 project. But the fact that his many contributions are identified, acknowledged and well appreciated is a great consolation in the absence of a proper describable adjectives.

Finally, it’s imperative to note that a befitting tribute of this nature is a difficult task to achieve especially when the character of the person in question is remarkably overwhelming. However come 2023 when we finally get the job done and into the Taraba state government House, by then a befitting tribute and proper describable adjectives for the likes of Comrade Sanda Ibrahim would also be set and ready for all to read and digest.

Kakara writes from Sardauna local government, Taraba state.

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