By Abubakar Babangida

Let begin my piece by saying a big and warmth happy anniversary of one year in office today, your anniversary for the completion of one year in office today its a salient breakthrough worthy of celebration. For you have been, indeed, such significant as a great leader that lead FUDMA without bias and we couldn’t imagine the fastest developments of this great University which couldn’t not be achieved without you, Prof.

Professor Armaya’u Hamisu Bichi is not only a hardworking leader but also a dedicated person that always wants to see the growth and the development of Federal University Dustin-ma, during his one year in office he introduced so many departments as well as the introduction of Post-graduate programs in each and every departments of the university. He also worked excellently, tirelessly and diligently to provide the welfare of both staffs and the students of the university in furtherance to academic activities to the standard and national level, this was not indeed how it was before he comes to office!

This remarkabel achievements were for the products of Bichi hard work, selflessness and determination that made the dreams of FUDMA development materialize. Congratulations on such a commendable achievement. Thus, may this success you have achieved today in spending only one year in office just be the beginning of more magnificent achievements in your tenure Congratulations.

Furthermore, It was during his one year as a substantive vice Chancellor that the university students got higher morale of academic persuade with made them to be well recognize in and outside their learning environment.

So also, it  was during his time that the university was focused on how to brought new and fresh ideas into the university system.

There is no doubt to say that Federal University Dustin-ma will, sooner rather than later, start competing with the higher class universities around the globe due to the dedicated hardworking of its vice Chancellor in person of Professor Armaya’u Hamisu Bichi. That is why I am always asking myself, if not everyone, who is more fortunate between FUDMA and he, distinguished Prof. Armaya’u Bichi having you as their vice Chancellor.

We, especially the good people of Katsina State, are sincerely appreciating  your unrelenting hard work and efforts to make this great University worthy of emulation just within a year in office, this is the result of having a broad-minded, experienced and brilliant at the helm of affairs of leadership.

Conclusively, not because I have mentioned all what you have done for being in office today marks a year, for  one’s pen can dry without mentione all what you have done for the development of this great University. I, therefore, on behalf of the entire people of katsina state, saying thank you for your many wonderful achievements you have recorded  as Vice Chancellor in just one year in office, we also wishes you very best in your remaining years in office, may Allah keep showing his guidance to you and your wonderful team members in driving this university forward to the higher level.

Abubakar Babangida writes from Funtua, katsina state.


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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