Teqball and prospects for Nigeria, By Abdulrazak Iliyasu Sansani


By Abdulrazaq Iliyasu Sansani

Reading this you probably may think it’s an error. You may not know that I am writing about a game that was invented in 2012 by three Hungarian citizens: former professional player Gábor Borsányi, Hungarian businessman György Gattyán, and computer scientist Viktor Huszár, which combined the components of football and table tennis. Briefly, this is what is called the teqball.

I write this to the benefit of those who barely know anything about this sport played on a curved table. It can be played on any table or anywhere unlike most sports. But the curved table is recommended. For someone who wants to become a professional teqballer, he needs to prepare well for the game, as the teqball table is protected by patent. So, any infringement is liable to prosecution as stipulated.

Games are generally fun, time consuming, and energy demanding. However, their effect on general well-being has been known to be worth every effort. Teqball gives you what other sports give, and even with much more fun.

This scintillating sport can be played between two players as a singles game or four players as a doubles game. Of course, there is also the mixed game. It can be played by young, old, rich, or poor, in fact, by virtually everyone interested in the game. For some other sports because of the nature of the equipment and their cost, only a certain category of people can participate. For a sport that was developed in 2014, with the addition of a curved table to it, It is refreshing to know that it is already one of the fastest recognised sports in the world.

‘Teqball became the world’s fastest recognised sport in August 2018 when the Fédération Internationale de Teqball (FITEQ) was officially recognised by the Olympic Committee of Asia (OCA) and in June 2019 it was officially recognised by the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA).

‘In November 2020, the highest governing body of the International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) was granted full membership of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF),’ Wikipedia stated.

With the level of acceptance within a short period, there have been calls from International Federation of Teqball, (FITEQ) for inclusion in the Olympics. It is likely that it won’t be long before medals are won in the Olympics through this sport that has elements of both football and table tennis. And Nigeria can definitely win some medals by planning ahead of time. We have what it takes to compete in terms of talent, with the right support from the government, private organisations, and Nigerians in general, we will get the job done. Football and table tennis are among the world’s most followed sports, with many Nigerians in the numbers.

The Teqball Federation in Nigeria led by none other than The Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) Chairman, Engr Habu Ahmed Gumel, a seasoned sports administrator is a thing of note. With his cerebral team, the right investment by investors, patronage by Nigerians, it won’t be long before Nigeria makes a huge name in this particular sport.

With our over 200 million people, sports offer a great opportunity in the ocean of despair. With the glut of security challenges, with the right investment in sports we could kill two birds with one stone. First, tackle insecurity by getting the youth engaged in what keeps them busy, both body and mind, as the saying goes, ‘’ an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’’.

Secondly, the positive gains of being professional help in most instances in paying bills. It will discourage any person brought up in a community that values hard work to engage in any nefarious activity or at least reduce it to the barest minimum.

We must explore more the opportunities inherent in sports, which have proven to end wars, to unite nations, bring succor, and build economies. Teqball and other sports should be taken seriously. For teqball it gives everyone who wants to play, the joy needed to heal century old unfounded hatred, which harms those who hate much more than those who are hated.

Sansani, a sports enthusiast, writes from Turaki B, Jalingo, Taraba State.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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