Buni has lost focus

Gov. Mai Mala Buni

Since the assumption of Yobe state governor, Mai Mala Buni, as the caretaker chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Yobe state has been facing a big setback in its development. Yobe is among the poorest and underdeveloped states in Nigeria. 

Governor Mai Mala is popularly known as the traveling governor who never spent complete two weeks in his state, which he admits during his interview with BBC Hausa

Geidam local government area was under attack for over 10 hours which led to the huge loss of lives and property while many were forced to flee their homes. As usual, the governor was not in the state nor did he return to the state to show concern. Instead, he delegated SEMA to act on his behalf.

By sending SEMA, Gov Buni should know that he was also sending a message to the nation on what he put first. Any political office holder is there for the people not for himself or other personal interests. This is a good way to ruin his political career. 

The security situation in Nigeria is what the leaders should focus on. 

Hon. Mai Mala Buni should know that he lacks quality advisers and most of the people close to him are just growing their pockets fat.

As a governor and reasonable person delegating SEMA to condole the affected local government is a sign that you don’t really care about the people and sending a negative message. Because if there is anything they need now is his support and encouragement; Not just the people of Geidam but also the Nigerian Army fighting terrorists.

Wadzani Apagu,

Damaturu, Yobe state


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