53 submarine crew members dead in Indonesia


A missing Indonesian submarine has been found cracked apart on the seafloor in waters off Bali, the military said today as it confirmed all 53 crew were dead.

Rescuers found new objects, including a life vest, that they believe belong to those on board the 44-year-old submarine, which lost contact as it prepared to conduct a torpedo drill.

The submarine, one of five in Indonesia’s fleet, disappeared off the Indonesian holiday island of Bali.

Authorities said they received signals from the location more than 800 meters deep early today and used an underwater submarine rescue vehicle supplied by Singapore to get a visual confirmation.

Military chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto told reporters that more parts from the vessel were discovered today, including an anchor and safety suits worn by crew members.

President Joko Widodo earlier confirmed the discovery in the Bali Sea and sent the families of the victims his condolences.


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