Yalleman and a call to duty


By Lawal Kaugama

The lawmaker, representing Malam-Madori/Kaugama federal constituency, in the National Assembly, Hon. (Dr) Makki Abubakar  Yalleman, is a true representative of his people. He possesses a rare leadership quality which makes other constituencies in the federation envious of his exploits. The political landscape of Nigeria is currently hit by his courageous debates in the floor of the House and in the course of his oversight functions.  He is honest and accountable to the people of Jigawa state and prudent in all his official duties. What do you expect of a law maker who has been financially stable long before his entry into the political scene?The House of Representatives on March 4, unveiled plans to investigate the activities of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) over the allocation of crude oil under the Direct Sale Direct Purchase (DSDP) scheme.

The courageous Yalleman has, through a   motion he sponsored, underscored the need for the NNPC to account for the total of 5.2 million barrels allocation of crude oil under the DSDP scheme in 2018 till date.
In his lead debate, Hon. Yalleman expressed concern over the media report on “the unfortunate details of how Nigeria’s crude oil is being stolen or diverted daily.

Yalleman brought to the notice of the House, that approximately 5.2 million barrels of crude oil supposedly allocated to comatose NNPC refineries in 2018 under DSDP operations was unaccounted for. Essentially, almost half of the 10.9 million barrels of crude oil allocated for domestic supply between June 2018 and July 2019 as reported by the NNPC was either stolen or diverted.

The House further became aware that the average price for Nigerian crude oil in 2018 was $65 which means that the unaccounted volume may have denied the country $339 million at a time of acute revenue deficit.
It takes a man of courage to thread where even angels fear to pass, But Yalleman fears only God.

Yalleman’s selflessness and courage endeared him to both his compatriots and the people of his constituency. His love for the people prompted him to sink boreholes and distributed more cars and countless number of motorcycles in his constituency. Indeed, the people in his constituency form the focal point of his representation.

One would be surprised to know that though he is a first time House of Representative member because what he has accomplished  in the last two years has not been done by his predecessors in two or more terms of office.
 What could a man who was financially stable before seeking public office do with public money? Unlike most Nigerian public officeholders who are preoccupied with pecuniary   gains and sparks office as motive for seeking public office, Honourable Yalleman goes to the National Assembly mainly to serve his people; and he is serving them well.

Within the short term he has been in office, his overflowing humanity is manifesting in most rural areas in his constituency.

In November 2020, Yalleman  doled out cars, tricycles and cash as empowerment to 695 constituent members, and has supported them with other valuable items as empowerment. He also donated cheques of N5 million each to Mallam-Madori and Kaugama local governments at Mallam-Madori council of the state. He said the money would be shared amongst 200 others to enable them have a decent livelihood.

Hon. Yalleman also donated 20 vehicles, 100 motorcycles, 10 tricycles, 135 sewing machines, 59 grinding machines, 50 vulcanizers, 50 water pumps, 50 generators, 30 laptops, among others, to his people. He tagged the occasion, ‘Freeing Jigawa Youth, Women from Poverty Through Empowerment Programme.” What is truer than that?
 The lawmaker said,  “The support was inspired by the mentorship I got from the governor of the state, Alhaji Muhammed Badaru Abubakar and his zeal in uplifting the people from poverty.”

Responding to Makki’s benevolence, Majority Leader of the House, Alhaji Alhassan Ado Doguwa, said Jigawa lawmakers have distinguished themselves as it relates to the welfare of their people, adding that the North, especially Kano and Jigawa, have been blessed with exemplary representation as shown by Yalleman, and promised his support. His benevolence made the state governor, Alhaji Muhammed Badaru Abubakar, to  commend him for the empowerment programme even as he challenged other members from the state to emulate him.

Education, they say, is light. Hon. yalleman, aware of this, prioritises education in his constituency, and by doing this, he earned the people’s praise.  On March 1, 2021, Jigawa State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) commended the lawmaker for procuring learning and teaching materials for his constituency, all cost borne by him.
Chairman of the board, Malam Muhammad Ayuba, was visibly happy when he was inspecting the items, which comprised 746 chairs, 788 exercise books, 10 generators, 20 files, 50 office table and chairs and cartons of bullpen. Others are 32 cartons of primary English and Mathematics textbooks, 6 cartons of primary English and Mathematics text books for Primary One to Three. Hon. Yalleman said the items would be distributed to 10 selected schools from Kaugama and Malam-Madori. Appreciating this gesture, the chairman, Malam-Madori local government council, Alhaji Hussaini Umar Bako, commended the federal lawmaker for his humanity and love for children and education.
For Makki, patriotism is not restricted only to his constituency and the state, but to all Nigeria. Hon. Makki Abubakar Yalleman has  indeed shown his compatriots the true quality of a statesman.

Kaugama is chairman, Jigawa State Radio Corporation.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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