The Marwa, Babandede pact and hope of a new Nigeria

Buba Marwa

By Sani Kila

It is now abundantly clear that two officials of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government have one thing in common: love for patriotic  service and determination to build worthy legacies. These two officials are no other than Brigadier-General Buba Marwa, the NDLEA Chairman and Mohammed Babandede, Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Immigrations service (NIS). Two of a kind, you would say.

Nigerians were very  hopeful when the two tireless citizens eventually  found a nexus: two institutions of public service being repositioned to provide rescue for the country, currently being suffocated by the growing worries about drug cartel-driven insecurity.

Experts have since established a point of convergence between the current insecurity problems confronting this nation and the reported increasing number of drug warlords. A recent  media report revealed a strong ligament between drug funds and banditry, especially in Northern Nigeria. Another  report revealed how the drug trade has been strengthened by foreign interests, something that prompted the immediate implementation of President Buhari’s directive on closure of our borders. And this smart move by The Presidency was something under the purview of the indefatigable Babandede of the Nigeria Immigrations  Service( NIS).

Interestingly,  both the NIS and the NDLEA are run by surprisingly determined and efficient public servants, whose patriotism is something quite familiar  to domestic and foreign commentators. 

When you have Brigadier-General Marwa with his immense military intelligence  background heading an agency like the NDLEA, nothing short of unique performance should be expected. And when he goes into partnership with the brilliant, efficient and effective Babandede – Nigeria can count itself lucky. And this is quite unmistakable, considering  the total  overhaul of the NIS that Babandede spearheaded  and the more proactive NDLEA that Marwa has made it to be.

During a recent visit to the office of the workaholic  Babandede of the NIS few days ago,  Marwa declared that the NDLEA intends  to make ample use of “the Nigeria Immigration Service’s huge database to track drug barond and traffickers anywhere in the world”. The NDLEA boss noted that undoubtedly his agency would take advantage of the new technology  deployed by the NIS,  “now that NDLEA is already on top of its game”.

Going a little further,  Marwa hailed Babandede-led leadership of the NIS for introducing  drug integrity test in the service.

An elated  Babandede described Marwa as the right Nigerian to handle the kind of task the NDLEA was saddled with, considering his past records, experience  and competence. The NIS boss then  assured Marwa that his agency was fully ready to work hand-in-hand with the NDLEA. He urged Marwa to maintain the tempo  of his official sanitizing mission, so that in the end the nation would discard the abhorrent culture of not taking tough measures against even the membership of any drug cartel.

Significantly, the NIS and NDLEA’s latest partnership will change the history  of the decades-old connection between drug cartels and crimes amongst both rural and urban folks as well as  the infiltration of our society by illegal aliens who trade in dangerous narcotics/drugs.

It should not be difficult to see that the two organisations are set to breath new life into the collective efforts of Nigerians in the war on drugs abuse and the associated violence. While Babandede and Marwa close ranks to confront  this decades-old monster of drug cartels and the breeding of insecurity, one can only wish the duo the very best in delivering on their pledge towards a greater Nigeria under President Buhari.

Sani writes from No. B20 Sani Kila Close, Kawo New Extension, Kaduna state

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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