Kauran Bauchi : The architect of new Bauchi state 45 years after

Sen. Bala Muhammad

Engr. Joshua Titus Sanga

The concept of leadership theory is used in this piece to explain the relationship between Nigerian political elites and followership as it affects the lives of the common man in particular using Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State who within the shortest possible time restored back the lost confidence of the people of Bauchi State in government and governance.

Nigerian political class who’s actions and inactions in governance has direct bearings on our societal and environmental decadence has placed the lives of many Nigerians under Insecurity, economic , Social, education and infrastructural risk for failure of the system to deal with the challenges of leadership in Nigeria and Bauchi State in particular. Bass and Alvolio’s transformational leadership model is used in this context to demonstrate the yet to be identified leadership potentials of Kauran Bauchi (Bala Mohammed) ,a man who has written his name bold and penned it in the wall of all and sundry that comes across him.

Leadership in Bauchi State has become a parrot cry both to the government who failed to give what they promised and the governed who only read about the promises from a distance on the pages of newspapers.

The return of Kaura into Bauchi Political limelight in 2019 has since opened new pages of historical developmental strides in and around the State capital in just a year after taking over power. Governor Bala exceptional transformational leadership styles has motivated others to achieve more than what is originally expected of them through creation of  a political space conducive enough for Bauchi state citizens when he served as Senator representing the good people of Bauchi South and when he served as Minister of the Federal Capital Territory from 2010 to 2015.

He remained in history of Bauchi State born Politicians that defeated twice seating Governors first in 2007 Mass Political revolution that sent former Governor Mu’azu to an early retirement when he massively won the Bauchi South Senatorial Zone and 2019 when he defeated Governor former Governor M.A Abubakar to overwhelmingly clinched the Bauchi State Governorship.

Bauchi was in a stand still on 29th May ,2019 a handing over ceremony that brought in all Nigerians together from the North and South to witness the inauguration of Governor Bala Mohammed (Kauran Bauchi).

He made promised to restore restored back the lost glory of Bauchi State as a Pearl of Tourism as preached by late Sa’adu Zungur and as a State where the first Nigerian Prime Minister Late Abubakar Tafawa Balewa of blessed memory held from Bauchians before the emergence of Kauran Bauchi administration were completely fade up and has lost confidence in governance as a result of persistent failure of the successive governments in the State to implements many of their campaign promises.

Bauchians were anxious to see to their eyes were and how the administration will start with the backlogs of unpaid salaries and gratuities, The massive infrastructural development ongoing within Bauchi metropolitan city and across the 20 local Governments areas ,the massive educational infrastructure ,youth inclusion in governance and empowerment , transformation of the entry points from Jos ,Kano and  Gombe States to the city centre has left the opposition in a nightmare that under Bala Mohammed it is no longer business as usual .

The appointments of credible young sons and daughters of the State set Bauchi State on the train that is taking the State on a journey to greatness which is now taking the State to compete with many states in Nigeria.

The appointment of the sons and daughters of Bauchi State beyond the boundaries of their tribes, religion and regional identities has portrayed Kauran Bauchi as the one of the living Bauchi and Nigerian Politician that placed emphasis only on credibility as against ecthnic,religion and regional identities which has for long hold the State and the country at large to a standstill. Governor Bala pedigree and leadership potentials has so far reconnected the State nationally and internationally with people outside the state now adding their voices that the Duguri born Politician should join the Presidential race in 2023.

His priority in youth inclusion in governance and decision making of the Government has indeed put the State on a bridge that Bauchians are now crossing with their eyes closed. The city at night white lightning has turned the State to a mini Dubai as widely classified and called by many sons of the Soil .

Since the creation of Bauchi State 45 years after, there is no time that the State has witnessed visible infrastructural development in the areas of Agriculture, Economic, Education, Health ,Women and Youth Women and housing deficit within a shortest possible time.

He uses modern strategies and other spheres of development for the good people of Bauchi State to save them from shackles of poverty, cacophony of underdevelopment for progress and self actualisation. Everybody attests to the fact that Governor Bala is a progressive leader who is more interested in putting smiles and food on the tables of his people.

We must commend His Excellency, Kauran Bauchi for his hardworking, resilience and perseverance in steering the affairs of Bauchi State within less than two years in office which has placed the state on the high pedestrian bridge of success and Excellence.

He has a quality and Commitment Of Bello Khaliel, Doggedness Of  Garba Duba, Patriotism Of Tatari Ali, Simplicity Of Sani Sami, Boldness Of Chris Abutu, Dedication Of Joshua Madaki, Zeal Of Abu Ali, Wisdom Of Dahiru Deba, Promptness Of Yana Kalau, Vision Of Adisa Raji, Struggle Of Bamigboye, Acumen Of Abdul Mashelia, Dexterity Of Ahmed Mu’azu, Magnanimity Of Isah Yuguda, Eloquence Of Muhammed Abubakar. Governor Bala’s achievements as the Democratically Elected Governor Of Bauchi State is beyond expectations within two years of his election.

The Epileptic Water Supply in Bauchi Metropolis and Other LGAs is almost completed through Bauchi State Government and World Bank Collaboration. When Completed Water Supply will grow by 100% and ameliorates the suffering Of ever increasing 3 Million Bauchi Metropolitan Population and it’s environment. And also Same gesture is extended to the 19 Local Government Areas across the state. 

Kaura Bauchi viable leadership qualities of a detrabalised Nigerian is currently what we can lean on as a country as many have started calling from other parts of Nigeria recognition of his hard work and perseverance as well as his giant strides in making Bauchi State great again . As Bauchians, we shall always be proud and stand with Bala Mohammed in his journey to greatness within Bauchi State and the nation in general.

Engr Joshua Titus Sanga (Jagaban Wunti), FIMC, FNSE is the Director General of Bauchi State Public Procurement Bureau, writes from Bauchi state, Nigeria.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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