By Ali Tijjani Hassan

We must learn to live together as a brothers or we perished all as a fools“-Martin Luther King Jr.

In 1914, the colonial rulers under Governor Friedrich Lugard, amalgamated the southern and northern protectorates to form Federal Republic of Nigeria. We can defined the word “Amalgamation” as an act of merging two different entities to form one new animated entity. Amalgamation in Nigeria is a mutually symbiotic agreement between the two region to live under one leadership and system of government and answer the same name with the hope of peace existance.

Is Nigeria really an amalgamated country?We can answer this pertinent question by stating the words of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the founding father of Yoruba extract said that Nigeria is just a mere name of geographical entity because he happened to be a Egba Man, then a Yoruba Man, before being a Nigerian.

Yesterday, I decided to make a good use of my weekend with reading the national dailies, unfortunately I saw the headline “Violence continue in Sasa as mob razes down more shops and mosques”.

When I load the page to read the complete news I learnt that Sasa market were located at Akinyele, local government of Oyo, state.From the composed report I learnt that about fifty shop were arson.

Earlier today I saw the fresh heading “Sasa’s victims buried in Mass grave”The heading is extremely pathetic ponder that my innocent brothers (Hausa traders) were killed and buried in mass numbers.

What come across my mind is that, the huge number of Southerners living in our region peacefully, what would happened when our northerners felt the pain and try to take a retaliative action for the blood of their innocent brothers which we aren’t hoped for.

These Ethno-religious disparities and region heterogeneity would lead us to nowhere unless a road to failed state. 
The essence of amalgamation is to make the life and properties of our entourage protectoratees safe and secured.

If this cannot be reached we are tired with the dilemma of this forceful marriage and false agreement. Let divorced and life individually, because no matter what man could obtained, if his life is  the price of that, it’s worth expensive.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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