Donald Trump: A Threat to Americans


By Usama Abdullahi

I wouldn’t have to seek for proofs to conclusively fix that Trump is demented. Because with all the vacuousness shown by him, it’s enough to deem his dementedness. At this inconsiderable moment, America is at the cusp of, or steadily playing down its authorities  and reputations before the democratic  countries’ gaze.

As a presiding democratic state, to me, it’s a total shame to watch it jumbles. Since  Americans had decided to vote against the administration of Donald J. Trump, that clearly shows that he hasn’t been nice in respect to their political business. Here are quite some interesting facts to consider about in democracy. One, that the system is the worst of all forms.

These were evidenced in some collection of well-known authors’ philosophy quotes.
Like in Plato’s observatory on democracy; in which he distinctively phrased that, “dictatorship naturally comes out of democracy, and most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty “.He went further to say that “tyranny naturally comes out of democracy”

Hence, we can see that democratic rule is such a horrible system that do tempered with the citizenries’ comfort. President Trump’s refusal to receive willingly the defeat against Joe Biden, is ridiculously appaling. His turndown to quietly vacate from the whitehouse is rather blindsiding; and a threat to the Americans, and the system as a whole.

To be so stubborn to retreat isn’t a sage decision rather frivolous. Egoism is its cause; because one could readily learn that it’s due to navel-gazing that most people — leaders in some respect– embarrassingly express unwillingness to do with defeat. When one, as a ruler, unluckily meets the opportunity to concede a loss and peacefully do so, that in all sincerities present to us the sanity of that ruler.

He’s therefore demonstrated a good qualities of leadership. When it happens in an election that one fails to maintain his seat twice and if not dishonestly rigged, then the fact remains true that that person hasn’t played a vital role in transformative changes in the first place. And in view of that, it would thus be left for the citizens to decide one’s fate ( winning).

In contrary, a person should calmly pullback. Because “there are some defeats more triumphant than victories”, says Michel de Montaigne. Sure, there are. Sometime being defeated, especially in democratic rule, is inargubly comforting. It means one is free from oppressive thoughts that often accompany the system. But in the case of Trump, it’s absolutely unwise.He falls under the categories of the crackpots, who don’t take defeat willingly until forcefully asked to retreat.

For America to returns to normal, there is the utmost need for it to get rid of the likes of Trump whose stances are simply obverse. As a democratic leading state, it shall continue to be looked with disappointments if otherwise not look forward to charting some way out of such disorder.

I hear some democrats calling for Trump impeachment.Hope to see him out of power in harmony so that democracy will forever be defined and enjoyed in the United States and the rest of democracy-practicing countries.

Usama Abdullahi writes from Yelwa- Shendam, Plateau State , Nigeria.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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