Gov. Bala Muhammad

By Muhammad Khalid Idris

The most notable quality in a leader that attracts people’s attention is being steadfast and truthful to the people he governs, and it is also what gives them peace of mind, which is expecting the safety of whatever comes through the leader to properly reach its targeted beneficiaries.

As it is the nature of human beings, assuming people to think the same way the people of our calibre think, therefore we interpret each actions of people in line with the active mentality in our mental focus.

If you are used to following the political atmosphere of Nigeria, you may not find the deceptive attitude of our politicians as anything surprising, nothing is done would sound strange on your hearings, it is always about wanting to see people on the same page they belong to.

The executive governor of Bauchi, Sen. Bala Muhammed Abdulkadir, is not a grassroot politician, he has always been a target of other politicians who happen to share different political ideology with the governor, it was a few weeks ago, there was a handout-like petition in circulation, thus this requires not much pressure. 

Recently, what is happening in Nigeria, not long after extinguishing the fire of the #EndSars slogan, another trend of breaking into the government’s and private stores were developed, in which people suspect the covid-19 palliatives were wickedly kept, which was supposed to be disbursed to the people affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, the breakthrough succeeded in many northern states, like Adamawa, Kaduna, among others, and many attempts were recorded in other places like Abuja, which was said to have been tackled by the Nigeria police, thus the attempts went all in vain.

Fortunately, the development was adopted in Bauchi, but funnily as it happened, the warehouse was ordered by the chief of staff Government house Bauchi, Dr Ladan Salihu, to be opened for the curious youth that came to apply the unlawful break of the warehouse, copying from what youth did in other states.

Interestingly, the thirst of the curious youth was quenched using that strategy, they went back without destroying the place, which was impressive to those on the government’s side, and for those in the opposition side, they have to embrace the reality on the ground that the palliatives were judiciously disbursed through a committee set up by the governor, including himself, and the emir of Bauchi, Dr Rilwanu Sulaiman Adamu.

We commend the governor’s decision to distribute palliatives at the proper time, and encourage him that whenever such items are given to the state to employ the same sense of kindness by sharing it to the targeted beneficiaries, and ensure an effective judicious distribution.

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