Why Tarabians Must Rise Against The Impending Injustice At The Federal University Wukari


By Gaddafi Ibrahim Tanko

It is no longer news that the Governing Council of the Federal University Wukari, Taraba State has announced the position of Vice-chancellor of the university Vacant. what is however a dangerous dimension to the announcement is one of the criteria which states inter alia “that a Candidate for the position of VC must have Been on the rank of Professor for at least 10 years and must have spent a minimum of 20 years of unbroken service in a Public University (preferably a Federal University)”.

While we have no problem against the aspect of that criteria which states that a candidate must have spent at least 10 years on the rank of a professor. But we must state that we have every reason to express reservations at the aspect that says a prospective candidate must have spent 20 unbroken years in the university system preferably a Federal University.

This development is not only uncalled for and utterly reprehensible but stands condemned by a vast majority of Right thinking Tarabians Nay Nigerians.

A simple comparison between the advert by the federal university Dutse and federal university Kashere, will make an unbiased observer agree with my position. this is why the federal university Gashua shamelessly withdrew its unreasonable advert for a realistic one. Does it mean that the NUC or federal ministry of education does not have one single template for appointments and recruitments when salaries and conditions of service are the same? In the federal university Wukari 90% of its staff are from state universities and some VCS in federal universities came from state universities i.e University of Abuja. The Federal University Dutse template is the best and the VC and the Governing Council are hereby commended and other public universities must emulate Dutse. Federal University Wukari and Kashere must immediately withdraw their adverts for a realistic one.

These are public universities and not private universities that owners could set any conditions like their lecturers not being members of ASUU. All public universities, whether state or federal, are regulated by one and the same regulatory agency, the NUC. and developed by TETFUND. Adverts by Wukari Kashere and others are discriminatory and so not good for the system. After all, these universities are less than 10 years old but their requirements are bigger than the much older ones.

All stakeholders particularly the Governing Council of The Federal University Wukari Must Not be allowed to set this dangerous precedent.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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