In Defence of Prophet of Islam, By Bashir Ibrahim


In the name of Allah, the beneficient the most merciful. All praise is indeed due to Allah, the creator of universe. I was blatantly shocked and speechless when I glimpsed a gory headline which read : “Sheriff sentenced to death by sharia Court in kano for blasphemy” My emotions became heightened and spiced up when I went through the sad story which sent a paralysing trauma all over my troubled body ! My eyes couldn’t stop shedding tears as I was listening to  the blasphemous statement contained in the lyrics circulated by Yahaya via whatsapp on March, 2020. At the beginning, my thought had been shattered to pieces for a long time before the urge to defend our noble prophet, the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH), helped me to recollect my instinct with refereshed version of his greatness second to none in the whole world.

Racall that on March, 2020, the 22-year-old gospel singer, Yahaya Shariff had  reportedly uttered some blasphemous statements in his lyrics which he circulated via social media, particularly whatsapp. The young man’s devilish  action was said to have led to angry youths burning down his
family home after he went into hiding. The youths were also said to have stormed Kano  Hisbah office to demand punishment for Yahaya. At the same vain, there was another blasphemy against the prophet by one Mubarak Bala, a kano indigene  who has been in detention for months. Such cursed and uncivilized dudes insulted prophet Muhammad  (Peace be upon Him ), making fun of him, calling sort of derogatory names on him,all in the name of “Haqiqa” or “atheism” or the so called westernism.

Some of these small brains claim to be “Ahlul haqiqati” and some claim to be atheists or What ever name they fake-name themselves,but deliberately forgetting that even the satanic belief of atheism does not give room for insulting other beliefs, let alone defaming characters of dignified personality like that of the beloved RASUL. Some claim to be human right activists or freedom fighters and yet they violate others’ fundamental rights by degrading other’s belief or religion and character-assassination.  People with such myopic belief go extra miles in tarnishing good images of religion and  people who do not accept their satanic path. Therefore, we will not allow such harebrained rats to be reigning freely without  being executed.

Who is Yahaya Shariff or  Mubarak Bala or the so called Amnesty international by the way? Are they among those attention seekers who load their brains with devilish barbarism or  western emptiness? But for the background of Yahaya, Mubarak, and Amnesty International,  I wouldn’t have pen any rejoinder to remind them  that prophet Muhammad is a noble man who is loved by billions of mankind,  jinns and other living creature. His message embraces belief in all of the prophets and messengers, respecting and honouring them and defending them from all forms of defamation and character-assassination. Such mighty message has grossly preserved the history of prophets including Moses and Jesus who were the famous apostles of both Jews and Christians.

Prophet Muhammad  (Peace be upon Him ) is a man whose justice, honour, leadership style, scholarship and intellectualism leave no vacuum — all in their perfection. His love for peace brought many warring tribes and quarelling societies to a lasting table of peace agreement which has united several clans, tribes and communities across the globe. He is the best of mankind and the most distinguished personality whose nobility, honour, justice and manners the world has never known of. Neither has it known of a more complete and more comprehensive message than his, nor more just and merciful one. ………”wama arsalnaka illa rahmatan lil’alamin” ( we sent to you not, but as mercy to mankind ).

Islam is a religion of peace and never preaches for war as contrary to what such atheists and their founding fathers propagate. Prophet of Islam never taught his followers terrorism or any act of violance nor did he teach any Hate speech  in His entire life.let it be clearly known that never did prophet Muhammad nor His righteous caliphs ever establish factories for even the most primitive weapons like swords and spears, let alone atomic bombs for mass destruction. Never did Rasul build a weapon factory nor an arsenal. He was rather sent as mercy to entire creation, to guide all mankinds to happiness in their  worldly lives and in hereafter, so a to fulfil their spiritual duties of worshiping Allah, the Lord of all and the creator of the universe.

Well, the sharia law that makes this  death sentence has done the right thing which is contained in the Islamic law and seconded  by the Nigerian federal constitution. Supreme court of Nigeria has this on blasphemy:

” The trite of law under sharia is that any sane and adult Muslim who insults,defames or utters words or acts which are capable of bringing into  disrepute, odium, contempt, the person of holy prophet Muhammad  (SAW) such a person has committed a serious crime which is punishable by death.” 
We therefore , call on the relevant authorities to consider this blasphemous act as an actionable felony and  execute the culprit.Imagine a person could be executed for insulting president or Governor, what of a person who insults the best of mankind ?  Such people need not be allowed in society because, their utterences may incite violance and other social disturbances in the country. Unless law casts its wrath on these  busters, such blasphemous acts will be the chewing sticks of many in this country and as thus, creating a an unending boulevard for hate speech, violance and conflicts.

However, some misguided and ill-informed Christians and other so called human right organisatons like Amnesty and the unprofessional Sahara reporters are bluffing over mainstream and social media that the death sentence against Yahaya should be revoked, calling Kano State government to stop the sentence. But for the Christians, they should know that even the Bible prescribes death sentence for blasphemy….  The most common punishment for blasphemers was capital punishment through
hanging or stoning, justified by the words of Leviticus 24:13–16 , and by  the words of Daniel 3:29. Therefore, those ignorant christians should leave Islam alone and never interfere into our Islamic affairs, for they have their own religion and we have our own,  as prescribed by Holy Qur’an ; ” I will not worship  what you  worship, and nor will  you  worship what I worship. For you is  your  own religion, and for me is  my own religion” (Q109: 4- 6).

And for the so called Amnesty International,  they should know that Islam is beyond their myopically westernized barbarism and thinking which they build their muddy and dusty noesis on ! Thus, Amnesty should stay within their boundaries, a boundary sketched by their founding fathers who have no religion or take religion as hindrance, in their own term, to the so called societal development. To true muslims, this is the line that is uncrossable !
It is therefore,  so awful and malicious that some human right groups like Amnesty and some unethical media outlets like Sahara reporters go extra miles in cleaning the dirty mess of such criminals who urge to incite violance through their deregotary ululations.

And for those western brain-washed Muslims who see this action as inhuman, they should know that islam strongly condemns any form of blasphemy and  regards it as heinous crime,  and there is capital punishment for blasphemy against holy prophet of Islam. It was narrated  by Abu Dawud and Nasa’i that, ” a slave jew woman was killed by her master for her repeated blasphemy against the prophet, and when the case was brought to the prophet’s notice, he declared that no retaliation against the master.” (Hadith: no.3448).  Another incident was at Fathu Makkah ( the conquest of Makkah), the prophet announced general amnesty to all except those who were guilty of  blasphemous acts and other irreverent utterances.

Meanwhile, , many world scholars and writers, some of whom are not even Muslims, have made praising comments on the life style of Prophet Muhammad and his love for peace. In her book, Muhammad : a biography of the prophet , Caren Armstrong wrote :   
“Muhammad spent most of his life trying to stop indiscriminate slaughter. Most importantly, Muhammad abjured violance and pursued daring and inspired policy on non-violance that was the culmination of his prophetic career.Far from being the father of jihad, Muhammad (Peace be upon Him ) was peace maker who risked his life and nearly lost his closest companions, because he was so determined to effect reconciliation with Mecca”.

Similarly, Mahatma Ghandi had these praising comments on the prophet of islam: “I wanted to know the best of one who holds today’s undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind. ….. I became more than convinced that it was not sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity,  the utter self- efficacement of the prophet, scrupulous regards for his pledges, his intense devotion for his friends and followers, his intepredity, his fearlessness and his absolute trust in his God and in his missions. These, and not the sword, carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I closed 2nd volume of prophet’s biography, I was sorry there was not more  for me to read of the great life “

To sum it up, government of Kano state under the able leadership of Ganduje must make sure that the convict ( Yahaya shariff) be executed according to Islamic ruling by  Kano state Upper sharia court, and that detainee ( Mubarak Bala) should also be brought to book so that he will be adjudicated. Let it be known that; you may abuse a Muslim’s father, mother, brother or any one and scot free, but never poke fun, ridicule, diss, insult or abuse our beloved prohet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), this is the boarder that is never crossable,  period !  On that, we are fundamental  and fanatical !

Therefore, leave our Islam alone, leave us alone and leave our beloved prophet  alone. Salawatullahi wa salamuhu ala sayyidina Rasulillah( All peace and  blessings of Allah upon our beloved apostle) ! Fidaka aba’ una wa ummuhatuna ya Rasulallah (May our fathers and mothers be ransom for you , oh ! The messenger of Allah) !

Bashir Ibrahim  

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily 


  1. Till the end of the time, our Noble prophet deserves hand, pen and tongue in protecting his image,
    Thank you Bishir Ibrahim

  2. Allah deserves all praising and glorious comments, so also His noble prophets, having the prophet of Islam on the zenith.
    This write up champions my kudos and dua to the writer being him amongst the closest friend of mine.


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