Health sector transformation under Gov. Bala Muhammad


By Muhammad Khalid Idris

The decadence of our health sector and lack of facilities has been a very troubling point of discussion in Bauchi — It’s a nationwide’s problem though. And it’s obvious that each of the state governors is trying to find a lasting solution to his people to get rid of the ugly predicament in the Heath sector in their respective states.

It could be recalled that last week, Nigeria was declared “Polio-free” after a struggle of so many decades. It was delightful news that caught up the whole attention of every concerned citizen of Nigeria.

Governor Bala ran the affairs of his office on a prosperous visit to the capital city Abuja as part of his administration’s dedication to partner with whoever has a vital role to play in the rehabilitation of Bauchi social amenities.

The Governor had congratulated the minister of health on their achievement and determination to ensure that Nigeria has become a safe atmosphere to live, which was possible because of the hardwork they put in place helped the country got out of the “Polio” catastrophe that had been baffling every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

Governor Bala also mentioned that Bauchi has had a health sector allocation of over  15% of its budget, which makes him unique in the whole northeastern Nigeria as well as 108 Primary Health Care (PHC) Centers in place with help from Development Partners – European Union and UNICEF but aspiring to have one PHC per political ward of the State.

This was possible because of the commitment of the governor to improve the standard of health in the state. Since he came on board, he has been working round the clock to synergise with development partners. Furturnaty, the efforts of the governor has yielded juicy results.

The health minister offered his commendation to governor Bala on that effort. And finally, the governor solicited the support of the minister for the development and expansion of the health care delivery in Bauchi state, through advancing the capacity of the health workers in both general hospitals and primary health care centres.

The Bauchi Governor, H.E. Bala Mohammed, therefore, invited the Honourable Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire to be a part of the upcoming Bauchi State Health Summit at a future date.

The Honourable Minister of Health thereafter accepted the Bauchi Governor’s invitation to be a part of the upcoming Bauchi State Health Summit.

Idris writes from Bauchi

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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