602 Boko Haram members denounce their membership of the group


A total of 602 Boko Haram members have denounced their membership of the group and sworn oath of allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The former insurgents, who have completed a de-radicalisation, rehabilitation and reintegration programme, made the decision at the Malam Sidi Camp in Kwami local government area of Gombe state.

They denounced their membership of Boko Haram before an 11-man quasi-judicial panel.

Speaking during the exercise, coordinator, operation safe corridor, Bamidele Shafa, said the appearance of the repentant insurgents before the judicial panel was a major requirement before their reintegration into the society.

According to Shafa, since the beginning of the programme in 2016, it had admitted 893 clients into its camps.


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