Reporter’s Dairy: Of Coronavirus And My Country’s Carelessness, By Salako Adeyemi Moses

Salako Adeyemi Moses

And our minister said – “We can handle Coronavirus (COVID-19) and any disease that finds it way into our country.”

Our captain carelessly ‘called’ for war without setting out strategies. We are too many to be destroyed by a single attack, not knowing that conquering a war is not by population but by strategy put in place. The terror that has brought down many great men (great Nations) around the world targeted our nation, yet we care not. We saw how great men fell (great Nations) yet we failed to take precautions. We open our borders wide and we failed to sharpen our ax; our foot-men, horse-men, chariot riders (Doctors, Nurses, and other medical practitioners) were unprepared for these great wars.

We failed to mount our wall and didn’t listen to our watchmen (media sector). Could we say because we had conquered many more in the past (such as EBOLA), we need not panic? We didn’t take the necessary step. The music industry, the film industry even our comedians turned it to joke, both the rich and the poor laughed over it – forgetting how dreadful it could be. Pastors, Imams, and traditional priests didn’t show any concern when the battle began. Nobody expects this great disaster could emerge from the animal kingdom (Bat to be specific).

Different analogies were developed by Nigerians: some said it was a developed virus by the Chinese in order to conquer the world and take the place of the United States of America, does this make sense? Some set of people said it is a spiritual attack from God to set the saints free and make His name known across the world. Funny how saints are not also left out. This is what our carelessness has brought to us.

Flashback on my pre-quarantine period. While on campus, I was enjoying my day when I heard that ASUU Chairman has declared two weeks warning strike. Instability, poverty, corruption, among others, have been the battles facing the Giant of Africa for years. Within that two weeks warning strike, things change in the country; the atmosphere changed, the topic had changed – news headlines also changed. And the war began.

The giant of Africa was attacked. Cases were being reported every day and the numbers of infected people increase daily but I was still ruminating on when to resume back to school, not knowing that the first two weeks were just to prepare me for the real event! The border was shut down, all TV Channels were having the same topic – COVID19. The more they talk about it, the viral it becomes.

“We can handle it” but our streets started getting dry daily – fear filled the atmosphere, no more handshakes, hugging etc. “Stay at home, stay safe” was the new chant. My early days of “self-quarantine” period weren’t easy. Things were getting out of hand, I have thought about everything ranging from my past to present and also of life after death. No data to surf the Internet, no airtime to chat with my friends. This is hell! I shouted within myself.

Everything seemed strange to me. How houses of worship, the social gathering must be avoided as a measure to curb this pandemic. How most of these measures are leading to economic crises within the country. Things turned upside down as inelastic products turned elastic all in the name of scarcity and of course, the commoners – masses experience an integral part of this suffering.

However, COVID-19 pandemic which birthed lockdown has helped me to think over my past and set long-time goals. I started my quarantine long before it started. Aside, it has helped a lot of Nigerian youth to discover their talents. I pray that this ends soon. Our carelessness has kept us indoors for days. If this fails to stop soon, it will lead to other dreadful disasters such as hunger, robbery among others.

Prayer is the only solution for now, albeit, the federal government, state government, local government, medical personnel, law enforcement agencies have taken great steps. We, citizens too, also need to adhere to the rules given by the government to stop the spread of this virus.

Salako Adeyemi Moses is a student of Bayero University Kano and can be reached via: 07018566980, 08138087641

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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