APC: Political alliance gone wrong


By Abdulhamid Yahuza 

Sequel to the dissolution of APC’s NWC by the party’s NEC, many Nigerians have sensed betrayal by the North against the party’s national leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu (The Jagaban). They also expressed their excitement that their predictions have come to pass. In contrast, others feel that it is a step towards shrinking the influence of the powerful Jagaban, at the same time resurrecting the political dexterity of the North. 

Throughout history, the North has never been accused of political betrayal. The North used to observe fair play in friendship and in hostility. If this turns to be a betrayal, then it is going to be the most expensive political mistake in recent times. We read in history that, what disintegrated NPC/NCNC alliance in the sixties was fear of perceived dominance by the East not betrayal by the North. On the other hand, it was political alliance that made Akintola’s UPP become the precursor of NPC’s expansion to the Western flank of the south at that moment. Also, political alliance formed the historical Abiola/Kingibe ticket which resulted to the controversial ‘June 12’ of 1993.

Again, Obasanjo/Atiku ticket in 1999 was a product of political alliance to compensate the West for the ‘June 12’ mistake and to further strengthen friendship. History has shown that South West has been a political partner of the North. In addition to that, the most historical political alliance which involved complex scheming and uncommon political calculations is that of ACN, ANPP, CPC and a faction of APGA coalescing to form APC in 2013.

One of the most influential key players to this amalgamation is the Jagaban. He still enjoys the loyalty of second most populated region of Nigeria. During the coalition, he exhibited special organizational structure and commitment to seize power from the incumbent. 

Somebody so powerful and loyal like this should never be thrown into the dustbin of political touts. 
Political alliance has the power to unite as well as polarize heterogeneous country like ours as enshrined in the history of Nigeria’s party coalitions. 

The ball is in the court of APC to either maintain her most powerful political juggernaut or treat him like riffraff and wait for the consequences. 

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