What a post covid-19 world may look like


By Ahmed S.A

Power has always shifted from one continent to another, with each snatching it away from the other through brains and braws.

The Islamic golden age was the glorious years of the Arabs. The Arabs and Persians preserved and advanced knowledge and scholarship from where the Greeks and Athenians stopped. That’s when Europe was in dark ages. Africa and Asia were both fighting tribal wars within the continent.

The enlightenment era, noted for advancement of freedom, liberty and equality which enabled philosophy and scientific innovation to flourish. This raised Europe from the dust to a force to be reckoned with, then America was barely noticeable and Missionaries, explorers, colonialist and slavers began to land in Africa and Asia.

Post World War 2, containment of communism, and entrenchment of democracy as ideal system of government and capitalism as the most efficient economic model made the America the big bull that it has been for decades. Africa and Asia gained political independence. Like trust, Economic independence too can only be earned.

Asia, like Africa, a diverse continent adopted capitalism and communism yet edited them to suit their peculiarities. The continent did commendably well and flourished. Africa adopted capitalism hook, like and sinker yet recorded few success. 

Peasant Asia has risen to the challenge and transformed the continent to a power house. China remained married to communism nominally, but is in open love affair with capitalism. North Korea’s economic model: Ju Che, a blend of capitalism, socialism and monarchy made it a fearful state even to the so called super powers. Japan has resurged from the effects of WW2 and colonialism, so has Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and more. Africa is still praying for miracles.

Post covid-19 pandemic world is going to witness another power shift.This time to Asia, with China as the super power.

At the risk of sounding afro-pessimist, Africa should brace itself for economic colonialism by China. The debt, MoU, lease and trade agreements between African countries and China has already set the tone. 

Ahmed writes from Yola

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily 


  1. Nicely written.. This war is not just against the world, but Africa in particular.. Another colonization? Only time will tell.. But our (African) Leaders have to prepare for the worst. God bless Africa.


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