Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 200,000 Worldwide


Global deaths linked to the coronavirus passed 200 thousand on Saturday, while confirmed cases of the virus are expected to hit 3 million in coming days, according to a Reuters tally.

More than half of the fatalities have been reported by the United States, Spain and Italy.

The first death linked to the disease was reported on January 10th in Wuhan, China. It took 91 days for the death toll to pass 100 thousand and a further 16 days to reach 200 thousand, according to the Reuters tally of official reports from governments.

By comparison, there are an estimated 400 thousand deaths annually from malaria, one of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases.

The United States had reported more than 52 thousand 400 deaths as of Saturday morning, while Italy, Spain and France have reported between 22 to 26 thousand fatalities each.


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