Atiku Abubakar: Nigeria’s Best Option for 2023 Presidency


By Is’haque Njidda

Away from the updates and other developing stories on COVID-19 pandemic. For decades now, Nigerians have been searching for a dogged, proactive and a result oriented  leader, one that is a master of his own game and familiar with contemporary politics and the new global economy, a leader that will not only unite the country and provide security for the lives and properties of the people but also one who will initiate thoughtful policies to develop the economy, suppress corruption and provide necessary atmosphere for businesses to flourish thereby stimulating growth and creating jobs for the teeming unemployed citizens.

Perhaps the year 2015 appeared to be a turning point for Nigerians when the masses decided to vote out an incumbent president who seek reelection, a situation that was never premeditated by many or has ever happened in Nigeria’s history. Insecurity and other inadequacies of the previous government were instrumental to its exit; as a result, Nigerians placed huge hope in the current government of Buhari and APC, which has now promoted the country as the poverty headquarters of the world among other interesting ranks. Therefore, whether the present government have fulfilled the promises it made to the people in 2015 or not, it is entirely a discussion for another day, but before the day, a reader can ponder on this modest question: How is Nigeria better-off in the areas of health, education, economy, security, wellbeing of the citizens etc. than it was before the coming of this government six (6) years ago?

About three years from now Nigerians will again have another opportunity to elect a new leader to lead the affairs of the country for a destined period; hopefully, the leader will emerge through a reformed electoral process that ensures probity, credibility, and accountability as against the previous experience. Almost certainly, the entire issues raised in the last campaign will be the same to be raised again, except a miracle happens; we may not be talking about something new but the same issues promised to be resolved by the APC and Buhari six years ago.

Former vice president H.E Atiku Abubakar is Nigeria’s golden choice for the 2023 presidential rumble, an opportunity Nigerians must not missed again. Atiku does not require any special introduction; he is well known and loved across the board for good reasons. His unique leadership qualities qualify him as the political reference of our time. As the harbinger of egalitarianism, his philosophy has no regard for sentiments; Atiku is honest and beliefs in the companionship of all Nigerians without discrimination. His qualities of greatness worthy of sharing are too numerous to mention. Since the return of democracy in 1999, Atiku has been in the vanguard of Nigeria’s leadership rumble on four occasions; 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2019, his resolve to lead the country is unprecedented. 

Whatever Atiku set out to do, he does it not only very well, but also ensures that it has a direct benefit to the Nigerian people. As a successful entrepreneur, his businesses across the country created over 60 thousand direct jobs, 300 thousand indirect jobs, and still counting. As a philanthropist, Atiku serves as a buffer to several underprivileged and many other people across the country; through his AUN Foundation and other initiatives, Atiku offers assistance to affected families ravaged by the insurgency in the North East, as well as scholarships to the affected children among other things. In 2019, Atiku unveiled a special policy book, outlining Nigeria’s challenges and how best he intended to solve them including timeline. ‘Unfortunately’, his time is yet to come.

The Waziri Adamawa continues to be instrumental in Nigeria’s affairs and the wellbeing of Nigerians, unlike other presidential hopeful, Atiku’s opinions remain loud and unambiguous on emerging national issues. Just recently, he counseled the Buhari led government to stop all flights from and to Nigeria in all the countries affected by the Convid-19 pandemic, three weeks later, situations compelled the Buhari led government heed to the counsel and banned flights from 15 countries. 

In addition, to cushion the effect of this pandemic on Nigerians, Atiku explained the need for the government to reduce the price of petrol looking at the trading cost of crude oil around the world, within 72 hours the government also heeded to the call and slashed down the price to N125/litre from N145. Atiku did not only stopped at talking; he acted generously by donating 50 million to help in fighting the deadly virus, and further charged both state and federal governments to provide palliatives for Nigerians, an action that inspired many other wealthy Nigerians including private sector to donate billions of Naira for the fight against  the pandemic.
The former vice president is a companionate leader, competent and proactive, his far-sightedness and magnanimity among other eye-catching leadership qualities are what a country like Nigeria need to bounce back on the track of viable growth. What Nigeria need in 2023 is not arguments on who to succeed  General Buhari, but a consensus to put Atiku forward, he has the required ability and mental readiness to meets the hopes and yearnings of Nigerians. That is why It is not surprising seeing the Buhari led Federal government pinching some of his policy ideas for economic rescue.

Atiku is  a man of genuine integrity, capable and incorruptible, that is why he stayed unintimidated 13 years now after leaving public office, he has never been charged by any court, petitioned or invited by any Anti-Graft Agency on any corruption related matter, and he continue to say his peace of mind to whoever is in charge without any fear, a development that his political foes are not quite happy about, they themselves could not dig-up or established anything to indict Atiku even as he openly challenged them to, that is why they habitually resort to media propaganda to smear his name, and unfortunately the few unresponsive and gullible ones among the people fall for their mischief tales. However, it is good to note that Nigerians have now woken up from that slumber; no such lies will ever prevail not just on Atiku, but anybody.

Is’haque Njidda is the National Youth Leader of the #Atikulated Movement Nationwide!

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily 


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