Engr. Muazu Magaji (Dan Sarauniya):The task master at work

Engr. Muazu Magaji

By Ahmad Muhammad Danyaro

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make something else is the greatest accomplishment” –Mie Hamm

Naturally, some people excel in various ways of life. They standout in anything they venture into and are shining light as they shape their environment and their world. Such individuals of unique achievements are celebrated everywhere, an action that encourages them to self-re-generating, serving as an impetus to inspire the younger generation.

However, despite the society’s convulsion threatening the survival of the contemporary life, one can still boast of great men though few, they stand tall in the society. Men who write their names in gold while others write in charcoal in the heart of thousands of people, they can never be forgotten for good deeds.Such men are always shining stars.

Engr.Muazu Ahmad Magaji, MNSE,SPE, the Honourable Commissioner of Works & Infrastructures in Kano State, is an accomplished administrator, seasoned politician, attested technocrat and outstanding engineer who hasbrought glory to Engineering profession. He is a man who is extraordinarily gifted with charity of thoughts,vision and unhindered ability to transform his thoughts into actions.Engr.Magaji is a man whose uncommon love and patriotic zeal for his fatherland has never been in doubt.

 In life, there are dedicated public servants one admires for their patriotism, human relations and diplomatic disposition. This is often demonstrated when they are in leadership positions which give them opportunity to exhibit unusual vision and creativity. These generations of public servants can be successful in whatever endeavour they choose to pursue. The peculiar characteristic of this group enable them to determine and exhibit fairness and transparency as they are always ready to serve with competence and requisite qualifications career-wise. Such individuals of unique dispositions are celebrated everywhere, an action which does not only encourage them to reach their peaks but which in most instances, serve as huge sources of inspirations to the younger generations. Engr.Magaji belong to this group.

 The Kano State Governor,Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje took into consideration the competence of Engr.Magaji and gave him the responsibility of manning a very strategic ministry which has the bearing of providing infrastructure in the state. Ministry of Works and Housing which he heads as a commissioner is a service-oriented ministry involving execution and supervision of the execution of various development projects geared toward social and economic improvement of the lives of Kano people.It is saddled with the responsibility of constructing various projects as they pertain to public buildings as well as their maintenance.

The newly appointed Commissioner of Works and Infrastructures ,Engineer Muazu Magaji clearly understands his mandate when he pledge to address infrastructural deficit through qualitative projects in the state towards economic development .

 He admitted that the present state of affairs calls for bold and swift foundation to chat a new course for growth and development in order to meet the demands of new age and Kano’s increaseingpopulation. The Commissioner of Works and Infrastructures gave the assurance during a brief handover ceremony to herald his formal assumption of duty at the Ministry .He said: “The era of beclouding people with sentimental rhetoric without sincere commitment for matching actions is gone forever”.

Dan Sarauniya as he is popularly called, an accomplished public servant, consummate professional andoil and gas expert was born 50 years ago- specifically in 1969 inSarauniya Village of DawakinTofa Local Government of Kano State . He had a humble beginning, which prepared him to face greater challenges in life.

A man of distinction who has excelled in his chosen career field of engineering, Muazu Magaji is a seasoned hands on vocational ,Technical and & Technology. A trained craftsman ,Technician, Technologist before a major decision to change course for a full -fledged Engineering training, Engineer Magaji obtained his first degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bayero University ,Kano and later obtained series of Shell sponsored Postgraduate Composite Master’s degree trainings by a UK university (RGU in Petroleum Engineering. With affiliate certificates in Geosciences ,ICT,Project Management and well Design & Engineering, he later in his career obtained an Executive MBA (General Management )from Rivers State University ,Port Harcourt.

The story of this craftsman turned mechanical and petroleum engineer is that of triumph of the human vicissitude .His life is a proof that with strong will to succeed in life and divine nod to one’s actions, one can turn all obstacles to blessings. Muazu’s educational journey started with a humble beginning and moving to Bagauda Technical College as craftsman & a technician bagging a Trade Test II & III ,Federal Craft Certificate , C&G of London Institutes I & II and later finished from Kano State Polytechnic with an upper class Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and overall best graduating student, with an automatic employment.

After few years of working experience with Kano State Civil Service,Magaji took a further leaf to further his education in Bayero University (Which Kano State government offeredfull sponsorship via an –In service Scheme).He graduated with an upper Second Class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering after which he went back to Kano State Government as Head of Maintenance in the Kano State Printing Press.

After few years of “given back” at the State level ,Magaji applied and got selected as pioneer set of the Shell Nigeria postgraduate training (SITP ) Programme by a UK University (RGU) in Aberdeen,for combined industry Msters Level programme in petroleum engineering, geosciences and Oil&gas asset management ,after which he was retained as Wells operations Engineer.He later enrolled in specialized Shell sponsored Msc programme in Oil and Gas well design & Operations and obtained Specialized industry certifications including the Prestigious Shell round I and advance Round II certification, as well as the international Well Control Forum (IWCF) certification for both onshore (Netherland) & offshore Operations (UK), and later on obtained an Executive MBA in General Management from Rivers State University,PortHarcourt.

Muazu Magaji have combined 30 years work experience both in Nigeria and abroad,10 years of which was with Kano State Civil Service and 16 years of which were in the Multinational and National project delivery/advisory roles in Oil & Gas and Power industry with the rest of the years inPrivate sector practice as Energy Development (Oil & Gas and Power Sector ) advisors to investors in the commercialised/privatised energy sector in Nigeria and Africa. Out of the years of experience in the energy sector, 6 years were in the Energy Development & Project management 4years in the field-operations as project engineer/supervisor, while the rest of the years as Technical/Senior Special Assistant to Nigerian Federal &StateGovernments.

Described by most people as gentle, generous, humble, and trustworthy and down -to- earth, Dan Sarauniya no doubt, displayed high and esteemed leadership qualities which endeared him to plum positions across public/private sectors before his current political appointment as member of Kano State executive council.

His experience in government spanned decades of working both as Civil servant and variously as public servant at Federal and state level,He was seconded from shell international to help the Federal Government Power Sector Reform after a successful assignment in Egypt where Shell helped Egypt built a 12,000MW Integrated Power Project, Magaji served as Senior technical Adviser and Head of Gas to Power in the Presidential Task Force on Power and later as Head of the Technical Matters unit of the Presidency and eventually resigned from shell in 2010 and continued in the Presidency as Project Coordinator of the Presidential Intervention Program in Infrastructure and Empowerment (SURE-P).

In 2013 Magaji resigned from SURE-P position in the presidency and was in the same year appointed Senior Special Assistant to the then Kano State Governor on Project,Planning ,monitoring and delivery in Kano State .After 2015 Muazu moved to private sector as Vice President of Platinum Vault Group where he heads the Energy & Empowerment Division until his appointment as Commissioner of Works &Infrastructure,Kano State.

 Dan Sarauniya’s he fondly called by his admirers combines a rare academic capability with administrative and organisational ability. This is evident in the many strategic administrative positions and challenges she had been given over the years in his public life and he has discharged with fortitude and uncommon success.

As National Programme manager of SURE-P ,Magaji helped coordinated the critical intervention in infrastructure such as the rail, bridges and roads interventions and provisions for public transportation nationwide and helped designed & implemented the various social intervention ,social enterprise programs such as public works ,TVET-Vocational skill program’s as well as GIS and YOUWIN Programme which let to creation of jobs and opportunities to thousands of young entrepreneurs securing funding ,training and other support across the country .

 In his quest for a greater Nigeria, he exhibited his mettle and panache in spear heading policies that have elicited national and international accolades. All he ever wanted to do in his life was to make a difference in others people’s lives. As a child, he has thought the only way to accomplish this was to engage in a vocation where his impact would be most felt. Leaders , especially the cerebral and the professionally oriented ones, tend to be influenced by their background and professional training in dealing with specific issues in governance .They find it more expedient providing solutions to their challenge through their professional windows, and oftentimes .it has worked for them because they are playing in a turf where they are masters. This is an unprecedented case of Engr.Muazu Ahmed Magaji, Mechanical Engineer, oil and gas expert of reputable standingand manager of people and resources of unique disposition as he bulldozes into the infrastructural decay of Kano tobring his experience to fore.

Danyaro writes from Abuja

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily 


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