INTERVIEW: I eat well whenever am going in for examination, says MAUTech pioneer first class Geology graduate

Nuruddeen Inuwa

Nuruddeen Inuwa Aminu is the pioneer first class graduate of Geology from the Faculty of Physical Sciences, Modibbo Adama University of Technology (MAUTech), Adamawa state  in the 2017/2018 academic session with a 4.50 CGPA. In this interview with Naseeru Taneemu Annuree of SKY DAILY, he bares his mind on his successful graduation, reading patterns, and challenges encountered at school amongst others. Excerpts;

Sky Daily: Tell us about yourself

Aminu: I am Nuruddeen Inuwa Aminu. Born and brought up from the family of Alh Inuwa Aminu Abbare (Sarki Shanu) in Abbare, Lau Local Government Area of Taraba State. I attended Muhammadu Nya Primary school Jalingo where i obtained my first school leaving certificate, and Government Science Secondary School Jalingo where i obtained my SSCE. I then proceeded to MAUTech where i studied Geology and graduated in 2019 with 1st class hons.

Sky Daily: How did you feel when you saw your results?

Aminu: I feel very much overwhelmed and thankful to the Almighty God who bestowed upon me the ability to maintain my result throughout my study period.

Sky Daily: How easy was it to graduate with a first class

Aminu: The journey wasn’t as tough as it ought to be. With self determination, hardworking and perseverance, I made it. That’s to say, one needs to walk miles ahead to make it.

Sky Daily: Some people would think you did certain things differently from others to top your class?

Aminu: Yes of Course. On several times i was faced with same question most especially by my juniors who find it difficult in some aspects. And what i used to tell them was: I eat well whenever am going in for examination to enable me think deeply before i start answering any question; i try my best to corporate whatever i read from any other source with what the lecturer explain in the class and write it down intensively. I think this is the different thing that other students are not doing.

Sky Daily: Do you have any peculiar reading style that worked for you?

Aminu: Yes I do have. I try as much as possible to cover all my courses before examination. I do not read selectively. And this has helped me to  avoid being taken unaware.

Sky Daily: Do you participate in extracurricular activities while in School? If no, why?

Aminu: Yes, I participated. I was active in campus politics right from my year two. I’ve served in different capacities. The last position i held was the Senator representing Geology department at the Students Rresentative Assembly(SRA) in my 500L.

Sky Daily: Generally, how was your entire MAUTech experience?

Aminu: I am enriched both academically and morally. I’ve learned that in life you can achieve alot, if you didn’t allow people define your limit.

Sky Daily: Do you have advice or words of encouragement that you will like to leave for the next set?

Aminu: I would advise them to read harder and pray as well. Let it be in the end they will look back and say ‘that was all I can afford to do’.

Sky Daily: As a freshly minted pioneer first class graduate, is there something Nigeria should expect from you?

Aminu: I have a dream that Nigeria would become part of the top leading countries in the field of geosciences. Being part of the society, I shall put in my effort to adequately train our ambitious younger generation in this field in order to  explore it mineral potentials for proper economic growth.

Sky Daily: What is your most memorable day on Campus? And likewsie the day you will love to forget in a hurry?

Aminu: My most memorable day on campus was in my 200L when my name was called on matriculation ground as the recipient of the award for the Overall Best Student from my Department. I would not forget how I felt on that day.



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