Democracy Day is an Opportunity to Highlight the Values of Freedom and Respect for Human Rights says Law Maker

Abdulrauf Girei

The member representing Yola north, Yola south and Girei Federal Constituency, Hon. Abdulrauf Modibbo Girei laments that Democracy Day is the day Nigerians celebrate to mark their freedom to select whoever they desire to lead the nation affairs.

He noted that only through democracy, freedom, rule of law, inclusiveness of young and marginalized citizens into the political system can be achieved.

Hon. Modibbo said “Democracy day is a day that has been set aside for us to reflect on the activities of the government and how much they have been able to promote the rule of law and continue the act of good governance as laid down by the heroes of this Nation who fought so hard for the return of democracy after years of authoritarian regime.”

“Moreover, Today’s celebration is to serve as an opportunity for Nigeria to look for ways to invigorate democracy and seek answers to the systemic challenges it faces. This includes tackling economic and political inequalities, making democracies more inclusive by bringing the young and marginalized into the political system, and making democracies more innovative and responsive to emerging challenges. It is also an opportunity to highlight the values of freedom and respect for human rights as essential elements of democracy. It is also a day for Nigerians to celebrate freedom, leadership based on the will of the people, enforcement of fundamental human rights and democratic advancement across the country.” He added.



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