The Tragedy of APC in Zamfara, By Abdul Mutallib Muktar


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has pushed itself against itself to the grave. The party has become the literary bird that has two heads. The first head saw a delicious fruit on a particular tree and ate alone without allowing the other head to join saying that he found the fruit himself and had right over it. He added that they had the same stomach after all; if he ate the other had eaten too. The second head disappointingly saw another fruit on a poisonous tree and went straight there. The first head warned him that the fruit was poisonous but the second head said it was his choice had right too. He ate and the bird died with its two heads.

The lesson here is egocentrism collapses a party and any other kind of group or association. The too much love for power made the two factional camps in the state forgot that they belong to the same party. When the broom turns to shreds, it becomes powerless and loses its name and prestige. This is the tragic-flaw that capsized APC in Zamfara.

Secondly, poor party leadership is another tragic-flaw that has befallen the party in the state. Leadership goes with integrity, competency, foresight, subordination of individual interest to party interest, discipline, unity of direction, espirit de corpe etc. Nigeria operates a constitutional democracy. The leaders have to be seen respecting the core principles of democracy and strictly complying with the provisions of the constitution.

In addition, innocent people are helplessly being killed on daily basis without the APC government bringing the situation under control for years. A lot of the people in Zamfara are sadly becoming orphans, women are turning to widows and the state is being impoverished every day while the politicians have been preoccupied by issues of winning and retaining political offices. This exposed the APC leaders to the world as power mongers who are more concerned with their offices than the sanctity of human life. The blood of the victims running through the gutters of the state is overflooding for vengeance. The terrorised people are angry and disappointed at the government.

The factors above caused the APC’s tragedy in Zamfara like the PDP’s in 2015. There are many factors parties erroneously regard as trivial, incapable of collapsing them, but gradually pushing them to their self-dug grave. And this illustrated the current reality in Zamfara State.

In conclusion, there is no gainsaying that the falling of a yellow leaf is a warning to the green leaf. When the yellow leaf of PDP fell some years back, it sent a warning to APC but the latter became mindless of that and here is APC dryly down. The party that will be sworn in soon ought to do the needful in Zamfara, else it suffers the same tragic fate APC suffered.


Abdul Mutallib Muktar


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Sky Daily


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