May 29: As Bauchi set to wear Abuja looks

Sen. Bala Muhammad

By Ahmad Muhammad Danyaro 

Change presents humanity with a confounding paradox. Whereas change is constant and inevitable it forebodes a vague sense of unease. Fear of the unknown taunts the nerves of even the valorous of men. Men of destiny however prepare for change, meeting it at the doorstep with secure pace.

May 29, 2019 is Bauchi’s date with fate. The date will be in few days to come. The long awaited date Bauchi People will love to witness with palpable enthusiasm when the old order will give way to the new order in a dramatic change of baton and democratic transition of powers from the ruling APC to an opposition PDP.

From all indications, the date may caught some  clay footed but quite a handful had no illusion as their mandate and  approaches inauguration day with precise resoluteness. It is a whole new day in Bauchi State. The dramatic and uncompromising manner the old order was swept away and the unyielding enthusiasm of the people toward the new helmsman has created an electrifying air of optimism in the state. There is whiff of expectations from the People. They voted for radical departure from politics of subservience to snobbish overloads, of paying lip service to people’s welfare and crass insensitivity  toward the people’s material and spiritual well-being.

Senator Bala Muhammad’s victory at the polls and Rerun in March 2019 was indeed a clear indication of his wide appeal, acceptability and popularity among the teeming electorates across the state, who were grossly dissatisfied with the reckless mismanagement and embezzlement of the state resources at the expense of their wellbeing in the four years of the outgoing administration.

Bauchi the famed land of Yankari, the land of the first Prime Minister of Nigeria is also a land in decay. It is indeed a place to visit and weep because of failures successive administrations and collapse of governance in the current equation until the elections offer the citizens to rediscover themselves and redeem the state from misanthropist.Schools looking like war ravage areas; collapsed walls, gaping-hole windows ; old ,tired ,torn and tattered ceilings ; dead, ancient fans and undignified pit toilets.

There comes a time in the annals of a state when socio-political events and issues are thrown up by providence with the intention of testing the human will and resolve. Such events may be positive or negative, right or wrong, well intended or ill intended. Such a situation may be manipulated or given a free reign, simple or complicated as the case may be.

The above synopsis seems to be playing out in Bauchi State during the just concluded governorship elections decisively swept by Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed(Kauran Bauchi) and Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. His destiny has rattled and ruffled the outgoing administration and its team of stooges. Indeed, it is after the rain, so the worms are crawling out.

Since the return of democratic governance to Nigeria in 1999, Senator Bala Mohammed is one of the most experienced politicians in Bauchi during his stint at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Solid Minerals, Transportation, Power, and Aviation where he all secured employment opportunities for the youths as well as his legislative assignment as a Senator of the federal republic and subsequently as Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

According to Albert Schweitzer, one of the most talented, hard-working, and interesting  humanitarians of the 20th century; “the purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will that will help others”. Described by most people as gentle, generous, humble, trustworthy, extremely loyal and down -to- earth, Bala no doubt, displayed high and esteemed leadership qualities which endeared to the Bauchi people as they searches from the right man to escape the current equation. He has made exceptional strides in special intervention in the areas of education, health, agriculture, women/youth  empowerment through his humanitarian and philanthropic organization which has bring succor to the deprived and smiles to the poor as well as hope to the hopeless.  Indeed, he perfectly fits into the postulation by John C.Maxwell when he said “Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing maximum potential and sowing seeds that will benefit others”.

Great countries apply the remedy for sustenance, as they are the divert products of statesman who apply to solve the crisis in any society. One of such people is the Bauchi Governor-Elect, Senator Bala Mohammmed who is a quintessence of good leadership. The trait of good leadership include intelligence, charisma, decisiveness, humility , self-confidence ,enthusiasm, strength and bravery which are all epitomized by the immediate pass FCT Minister.

As a minister, Bala on assumption in office in 2010 immediately hit the ground running where he repositioned, upgraded, and revived land administration including removal of illegal structures and introduction of land swap policy aimed at accelerating the infrastructural development of the FCT which tremendously improved the ascetic beauty of Abuja. In terms of  construction , Bala accelerated the development of the capital city through  construction of Flyovers ;expansion of Zuba/Kubwa and Airport roads from two to ten lanes,tackling of environmental challenges through prompt waste disposal and extension of mass housing estates to the area councils.

Another remarkable achievement of Bala as a minister is the Abuja Light and the Abuja –Kaduna railway. A great deal of work has been done on the projects before he vacated office and both projects have since been commissioned.

Being the harbinger and catalyst of infrastructural cum socio –economic transformations, Bala will on assumption of duty on May 29, 2019 embark on the restoration agenda of rejuvenation of the socio-economic fortunes of Bauchi. Yankari Game Reserve which is the large wildlife park located in the south –central part of Bauchi State, with an area of about 2,244 square kilometres (866 Sq mi) and home to several natural warm water springs, as well as wide variety of flora and fauna will get the deserved attention as Bala plan to returned Bauchi to the world map as a tourist center and investors heaven in the next four years.

Bala Kaura sees Bauchi not as a doomed state but ‘an industrious, entrepreneurial state, robust in growth, rich in culture, vibrant in labor and attractive for investment’. He widely believed to be the personality that is equipped with the pedigree, connection and capacity to drive the state through the pathway of phenomenal positive transformation to a destination where it is confidently and truly reflect “Bauchi: Pearl of Tourism” following the path of neglect and legacy of decayed system of the state positioned by the outgoing administration.

As the May 29, 2019, handing over day inches closer, Bauchi state is set to wear Abuja looks with workaholic Bala as the captain of the ship.

Danyaro wrote in from Abuja and can be reached at:

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