United Airlines expects the 737 MAX to return to service this summer


The U.S. carrier United Airlines expects its 737 MAX jets to return to service this summer, and resume the deliveries before year-end.

United Airlines had to exclude its 14 grounded Boeing 737 MAX jets from its flying schedule until July due to the worldwide flight ban for the aircraft after the fatal crash of the type in Ethiopia on March 10.

The airline has another 16 737 MAXs in its order book with Boeing, which are set for delivery this year.

After two fatal crashes at short intervals, civil aviation regulators around the world have prohibited the operations of the aircraft until Boeing comes up with a convincing solution to its problematic anti-stall software.

A software update is still in progress. It’s a process to take at least three months. Flight Standardization Board of the FAA announced that it found the Boeing’s proposed update “operationally suitable.”

“FAA releases preliminary report for the Boeing’s updated anti-stall software”

Boeing feels a strong global pressure to solve the problems with the aircraft’s anti-stall system known as MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) and demonstrate the plane is safe to fly again.

“The aircraft scheduled for delivery this year, we would expect to take this year,” Chief Financial Officer Gerald Letterman said at the meeting for financial results of the first quarter.

 Among the U.S. 737 MAX operators, United Airlines was the first to release first-quarter results.

On April 14, another major US carrier American Airlines announced that it delayed 737 Max flights through Aug. 19.

Source: AirlinerWatch


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