Slain student leaves family, Community in agony


A computer science student of Adamawa State Polytechnic (SPY) was slain by an infamous notoriuos group known as ‘Yan Shila’ yesterday evening at a famous joint known as Madam state located in the state capital Yola.

Emmanuel Hassan, age 24 was ambushed by the group along hospital road on his way to school. The group in their coordinated attacks went on kicking, beating and stabbing the young Emmanuel to death.

A source who sought anonymity describes Mr Hassan as a hardworking, easy going and dedicated young man who is loved by all within and outside his department. To him it is surprising to hear the Shila boys accused the deceased of stealing from one of their members. But they couldn’t mentioned what he has stolen.

The victim sister Lydia Hassan, condemn the babaric acts, and urge the government official to do something about these heinous attrocities.

“Shila boys are not alien to us. They live with us, eat with us and even the police knew about their hideouts but none of them are apprehended to pay for their inhumane crimes. If such acts continues unabated, we will resort to protecting ourselves instead of letting them take our lives for sport.” She said.

The Shila group is infamous for it babaric acts of stealing, snatching of phones, aggravated assault, assault and battery, kidnapping and rape.

Not more than a mile from the spot Hassan was murdered, same Shila boys nearly kidnapped a minor, Yohanna Kugama in Wauru Jabbe, if not for the intervention of Vigilantes, the boy’s parent would be preparing to pay for his ransom.

At Bachure, another Shila incident rendered a woman of over 80years old to specialist hospital after she refused to hand over a newly bought phone per their request.

Confirming the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Othman Abubakar said “16 people had so far been arrested in connection with the murder and will be prosecuted in accordance with the dictate of the law.”


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