Singapore to test air taxis later this year


The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) is planning to test air taxis later this year. An electric rotorcraft developed by German aerospace company Volocopter will be used for the tests.

Volocopter’s rotorcraft is currently under development. The company will deploy a test team to Singapore and will conduct the first light test in the second half of 2019.

“For the first phase, it’s very much into experimental. For a start, it is going to be over water, and we are going to work with Volocopter on the safety aspects to ensure that even flying over water, it wouldn’t pose a public or even aviation risk. The landing spot will be somewhere in the southern part of Singapore,” said Tan Chun Wei,CAAS deputy director of transformation programs at CAAS.

The German company and the Asian regulator plans to launch public trials by the end of this year.

Volocopter aims to make air-taxis as affordable as normal taxi services.



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