EDITORIAL: Right to Life in Nigeria: Myth or Reality?

President Buhari

Human right, security, and safety are the protective fire walls for every citizen in the world. Without which any nation would be in an anarchy. The failure of our government to protect the lives of vulnerable Nigerians resonates with the word of Thomas Jefferson who argued thus “the first duty of government is the protection of life, not its destruction.” He further added “the chief purpose of government is to protect life. Abandon that and you have abandoned all.

In agreement with Mr Jefferson’s arguments, the Buhari led administration has failed to live up to expectations in that reagrd. The campaign backbones of his administration is security and corrupt free country but none is yielding the expected outcomes. The cases of corruption happening right under President Buhari’s watch is so alarming that majority of Nigerians are questioning his integrity. The Baru/Kachikwu incidents, N200M grass cutting scandal by former SGF, Babachir lawal to mention but a few are all overwhelming.

Following the gruesome murder of kidnapped lecturers of University of Maiduguri, Taraba business man who pays N100m without gaining freedom, a university professor being kidnapped along Kaduna/Abuja express way, and the recent kidnap of business mogul AD Bashar at his Yola farm yesterday, Zamfara killings, the question agitating the minds of a majority of Nigerians is: Who is responsible for protecting Nigerians?

The ignorance and the distance of the Nigerian government in protecting its citizens is surprising, disturbing, and disappointing. The priority of any government is the protection of it citizens lives against foreign or domestic threats but in Nigeria is more like a favor from the government to intervene.

It is clear that the only way for Nigerians to get the attention of their government to do the needful can only be achieved through raising placards, roaming through Abuja streets, shouting in protest and using media influencers to get the attention of international communities to condemn such acts, until then government would act. This is clearly an indication that president Buhari is more concern with his image abroad than within his own country.

Many critics strongly believe that president Buhari neglegiance toward addressing certain crucial matters is resulted to his feeling of doing Nigerians a favor by being their preaident. It is not like he campaigns, begs, travel across the country to canvass vote for himself. But Nigerians went to Daura pleaded with him to come to Aso Villa and to be their saviour.

Nigerians are trapped between waiting to be slaughtered or taking the law in to their own hands which could resort to anarchy. The state governments that we have are as good as no government. In the case of Governor AbdulAziz Yari who claimed that the banditry are more equiped than our security forces is an insult and a slqp on our faces. He also went further on national television telling the international communities that he will procure the service of charmers (in 21st century) to fend off the bandits in Zamfara. His statement does not only reflect on his state but exposes the weakness of th entire Nigeria security structures.

The National Assembly (National Asylum) for get rich quick is as good as dead. The state governments and the National Asylum have proven they are not capable of protecting Nigerians. In fact, the National Asylum is not in the business of protecting or serving Nigerians. In this messy and marred situation, it behooves President Muhammadu Buhari as the chief security officer of the country to rise to the occassion but his slow acting, nonchalant attitude toward such incidents and failure to cease the moment is doing more harm than good to Nigerians.

The government appears untouched, unaffected, unmoved at the widespread killings in the country. The whole country is smoldering in fires of Boko Haram, the avengers or scavengers, armed robbers, kidnappers, and abductors from all directions. The government has shown wanton disregard for protecting its citizens from these mass atrocities. Going by the extent of savagery and carnage in the country, there is compelling evidence that the government has uprooted itself from existence. The inaction of the government could be summed up in one sentence – wicked-witted farce.

The nonchalant attitude of the government runs counter to the primary function of a government. The security of the nation is federal government’s foremost responsibility. The Nigerian government is obligated to protect its citizens at home and abroad irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, or political persuasion. Encouraged and incited killings are based on the spectator approach of the government. This is completely unacceptable and inexcusable. We ask the government to respect and protect freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of worship, for every Nigerian.


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