NLC, TUC march in Abuja, demand jobs for Nigerian youth


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), held a rally in Abuja on Monday.

The rally was to prepare their members for the commemoration of the 2019 edition of the workers’ day.

The members demanded the creation of decent jobs for youth in the country. They asked the government to step up efforts to eradicate unemployment.

The deputy president NLC, Najeem Yasin, said the struggle is for human dignity and social justice for the union.

He lamented the poor situation of public school, security and the health sectors.

“We are pained at the condition of public schools, the security and the health sectors in Nigeria,” he said.

The unions said creation of decent jobs for the youth, will eradicate crime in the country.

The labour unions used the march as an opportunity to call government’s attention to the rising cases of near-collapse of social support institutions.

They also asked employers of labour in the private and public sectors of the country to immediately begin the full implementation of the new national minimum wage.

Mr Yasin said the consequence of mass unemployment in the country, especially youth unemployment, is leaving its expression ‘daily on our streets and communities, in the form of increasing crime wave.’

“It is high time we arrested this dangerous drift before it consumes all of us,” he said.

“As we march today, we call on government, employers in the private sector, international development partners and local social actors to come together to plot a way out of this cauldron,” Mr Yasin said.

He called on the government to rehabilitate the social sectors of the economy.

Mr Yasin said it is the appropriate time to create decent jobs for the teeming youths.

He said mass jobs without decent remunerations would be counter-productive.

Mr Yasin said the Nigeria Labour movement will keep a hawk’s eye on all employers of labour. This is to ensure total compliance on the implementation of the new national minimum wage.”

The labour leaders held the march in preparation of Workers Day which is marked on May 1, annually.

The event also coincides with the centenary celebration of the existence of the International Labour Organisation.



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