The #AtikuPlan: Unveiling the best alternative, By Ameer Saad Ribadu

Have you gone through the recently unveiled #AtikuPlan? I have, and I must say I’m beyond impressed with Atiku and his campaign team. I keenly went through this policy document thrice and truly if this should be fully implemented, Nigeria would definitely be working again. Truly, this is better than APC’s #NextLevel and no arguments should even be allowed on this.
Prior to this day I’ve ruled out every possibility of opting for Atiku at the polls next year due to two main reaons;
First-His PDP past and corruption allegations labelled against his person especially the Jefferson scandal which is allegedly the reason why he can’t visit the US today.
Second-His alliances with widely known “anti North” elements like Femi Fani-Kayode, Reno, Nnamdi KANU, etc.
Buhari may have definitely recorded successes especially in infrastructural development especially in the South but we can’t say the same for security (Kidnappings on the high, Jos and Benue ethnic rampages), the economy or even the much talked about fight against corruption and in my humble opinion which I’ve always made clear, Buhari needs rest with a better alternative.
I’ve never seen Atiku as a better alternative owing to his past and the two reasons I noted above but after seeing his plans today, I’ve come to the conclusion that if Buhari could actually be “pardoned” for allegedly being a dictator and granted another opportunity in 2015  by us, the people who voted him in, why can’t Atiku be pardoned for allegedly having a corrupt past and be granted another opportunity as well especially since he has a better, robust, and well crafted plan for the country? Especially also since he’s the only viable, Saleable alternative before us?
Corruption is said to be Atiku’s number one sin, now can we honestly say Buhari has fought corruption diligently? Agreed some of you think fighting corrupt opposition is better than not fighting corruption at all but why should we support mediocrity and selective justice when we can actually support something that “looks better”? Isn’t that how we got the APC in the first place? By trial?
I think Atiku should be given a listening ear, that’s all I’m saying, because the APC apparently is no better even in the ” anti corruption” aspect they used to rode to power.
Ameer writes from Yola.


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