Ribadu’s Political career: The end or the beginning? By Ameer Ribadu


Majority of Nigerians are today familiar with the name Malam Nuhu Ribadu majorly because of his strides and achievements during his spell as the Nation’s first and foremost Chairman of the EFCC (The Economic and Financial Crimes commission). He wasn’t just the First chairman of this prestigious anti-corruption agency, he was actually it’s founder and his four years stay as its head has shown Nigerians who Ribadu is and how competent he is, no wonder he’s nicknamed Mr Integrity even by international standards. His exit as EFCC’s head was filled with controversy as he had to flee the country to avoid being assassinated or imprisoned because of his differences with the then President Umaru Musa Yar’adua. Ribadu later contested the 2011 Presidential elections under the banner of the defunct ACN (Action Congress of Nigeria) which is now a major part of the ruling APC. Though full of hope, Ribadu was betrayed and sold out by the hierarchy of the ACN at the 11th hour unknown to Ribadu which led to him winning just Osun state.
For a newcomer, Ribadu has done well winning Osun State even with President Buhari’s then CPC being the main opposition. Ribadu joined the PDP late 2014 and contested the 2015 gubernatorial elections in his home state of Adamawa amidst controversy which he later lost to the APC mainly due to President Buharis SAK mantra and the failure to maintain and secure lives and properties by the Goodluck Jonathan led PDP administration which gave birth to PDP’s unmatched abhorrence especially in the Northeast.
Malam Nuhu Ribadu was the best candidate in that election and pundits are of the opinion that had he been in the APC, he would have been the governor by now. Immediately after the elections, Ribadu returned back to his “home party” the APC upon requests by party leaders both at state and national level for him to come back. In the just concluded APC primaries, Ribadu contested against incumbent governor Jibrilla Bindow and Dr Modi Halilu, an in-law to President Buhari and both Ribadu and Modi lost to the incumbent even though it’s widely known that no elections were held. Now Malam Ribadu is back to the drawing board and questions like;
Is this the end of his political career? After contesting thrice and losing all consecutively, what could be the problem? Evidently, it’s neither incompetence nor lack of integrity or the likes. Ribadu is said to be probably the only Nigerian politician on the same level integrity wise with President Buhari.
I and a lot of Nigerians are of the opinion that Nigeria needs Malam Nuhu Ribadu now more than ever and hopefully this setbacks he’s faced so far will turn out to be a blessing in the near future. We could recall that America’s Abraham Lincoln was defeated in no less than 7 elections before finally becoming America’s president in 1860. Even President Buhari lost 3 consecutive elections before finally making it in 2015.
Hopefully Malam Nuhu Ribadu will exercise the perseverance he’s known for even though it’s painful knowing you have all it takes and even more but the system keeps on failing you.
Ameer writes from Yola, Adamawa State.


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